"Alexa, increase upstairs temperature by 3 degrees."

Amazon Echo/Dot is hands free and voice controlled. The Amazon Alexa voice service running on the Echo/Dot puts you in command of your home through voice controls that can be used with individual thermostats or groups. It can be used with Amazon Alexa compliant smart home devices.

Scroll below to find all the commands you can use with Amazon Alexa and information on how to connect your Lennox S40 Smart Thermostat to Amazon Alexa



Voice control your temperature

"Alexa, what is the temperature of (thermostat name)"

"Alexa, set (thermostat name) to (75) degrees"

"Alexa, increase (thermostat name) by (3) degrees"

      • "Alexa, what is the temperature of (thermostat name)" Alexa will reply with current temperature.

      • "Alexa, set (thermostat name) to (75) degrees".

      • "Alexa, set (thermostat name) temperature to (75)".

      • "Alexa, set (thermostat name) to (75)".

      • "Alexa, change temperature to (75)" Alexa will ask you to confirm which device, just say your thermostat's name."

      • "Alexa, turn temperature to (75)" Alexa will ask you to confirm which device, just say your thermostat's name."

      • "Alexa, increase (thermostat name) by (3) degrees".

      • "Alexa, increase (thermostat name) temperature by (3) degrees".

      • "Alexa, raise (thermostat name) by (3) degrees".

      • "Alexa, increase (thermostat name) by (3) degrees".

      • "Alexa, make (thermostat name) warmer".

      • "Alexa, decrease (thermostat name) by (3) degrees"

      • "Alexa, lower (thermostat name) temperature by (3) degrees"

      • "Alexa, decrease (thermostat name) temperature by (3) degrees"

      • "Alexa, lower (thermostat name) temperature".

      • "Alexa, make (thermostat name) colder".

      • "Alexa, what is the (thermostat name) set to?" Alexa will reply with the current thermostat setpoints and the thermostat mode (heat, cool or auto).

Get Started

Before you start

To Start using your Smart Thermostat with Amazon Alexa, you will need:
  • 1. An Amazon Echo/Dot linked to your Amazon account
  • 2. The Amazon Alexa mobile app installed on your phone
  • 3. A Lennox Smart Thermostat with a registered Smart Thermostat account

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Step 2

Login to your Amazon account

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Step 3

Enable the Lennox Smart Thermostats (S40, S30, E30 and M30) Skill

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Step 4

Login using your Lennox Smart Thermostat account

Once you tap on Enable Skill, you will see the Smart Thermostat login, enter your Smart Thermostat credentials to continue.

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Step 5

Discover your Smart Thermostat Device

Follow the instructions in the Amazon Alexa app to discover your Smart Thermostat.

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Step 6

You are ready to go!

Your Lennox S40 Smart Thermostat and Amazon Alexa are now working together! Enjoy!

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